1956 F-100

My client, Jeff, has always loved and wanted to own a ‘56 Ford F100. He looked through my inventory of classic pick ups (a dozen or so at last count, including two ‘56 F100s) purchased and asked me to build this ‘56 Big window conversion.

After the cab came back from the media blaster we decided to search for a more solid cab. I bought the original cab back and we found a new one in South Dakota and had it shipped.

Jeff wanted a 350 Chevy motor and manual transmission for the drive train. I had a ‘90s Corvette TPI motor in my inventory so we sent it to the machine shop for a full rebuild, aluminum heads and a mild cam. We converted it to use a 4 bbl carb and HEI ignition and we sourced a 5 speed transmission.

The suspension chosen was a fully independent Hiedts front cradle with rack and pinion steering and disc brakes. Out back we chose a built 8.8 Mustang rear with a posi and 373 gears. It also carries a 4 link, pan hard bar nd disc brakes.

The chassis was fully boxed and painted, motor and trans installed and brakes and clutch installed. The cab and the rest of the body panels, fenders, bed, tail gate etc. have been sent out for paint.

Motor that came with the truck was pulled in order to make way for a 350 Chevy.
Off to the media blaster.
Chassis media blasted and heading home. Frame was very solid.

All old suspension removed. Many mounting points were hot riveted. These had to be cut out and removed. After being in place for over 60 years they were pretty stubborn.
Chassis was mounted on a rotisserie to make all components more accessible.

We determined the chassis had a very slight twist. It was leveled and straightened prior to the installation of a Hiedts fully independent front suspension with rack and pinion steering and disc brakes.
Chassis was fully boxed, smoothed and painted. Here are the front suspension components installed. Front springs and shocks to come later when they can be fully weighted with the motor/trans.
8.8 Mustang posi rear with 373 gears and disc brakes.
Cab loaded and heading back from media blasting. We found a lot of pin holes and some previous repairs. We decided to source a different cab and located one in South Dakota.
Original window cut out in preparation for big window kit.
Big window kit test fitted.
Big window kit welded in and cab ready for body and paint work.
350 Chevy rebuilt with aluminum heads and mild cam. Should make around 380 to 400 hp.

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